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  • Mesquite FAQ's. So what's so bad about mesquite. There are some positive things you can say about it, even though most ranchers would want you think so. Here's a few more facts about that miserable tree called mesquite

    Brush Busters: How to Beat Mesquite, A safe and effective three-step way to control mesquite on small and large acreages. The brochure provides instructions and formulas for both leaf and stem spray methods,. Published by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, (document #L5144)

  • Brush Busters: How to Take Care of Pricklypear and Other Cacti. A safe and effective three-step way to control pricklypear, tasajillo (pencil cholla), tree cholla, dog cactus, and other cacti on small or large acreages. Published by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, (document #L5171)

  • Reference Guide for Texas Ranchers, color brochure that provides a quick and easy reference guide ranch management. Published by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. (document B6101)

  • Brush Management Methods, by Tommy G. Welch. This guide provides information on effective brush control, from mechanical removal to chemical applications. Published by the Texas State Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Fund. (document B44)

  • Brush Control for Small Acreages, by Allan McGinty and Tommy G. Welch. Controlling selected brush species, owners of small tracts of land can often increase land value, general aesthetics of the property and carrying capacity for livestock. This document provides a beginning understanding of herbicide knowledge and/or proper techniques for controlling different brush species. Published by the Texas State Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Fund. (document L2227)

  • Weed Identification: Using Plant Structures as a Key, Guide for identifing weeds by understanding plant structure and taxonomic terminology. Produced by Agricultural Communications, The Texas A&M University System (document B6079)

  • Chemical Weed and Brush Control Suggestions for Rangeland, by Allan McGinty, J. F . Cadenhead, Wayne Hamilton, Wayne C. Hanselka, Darrell N. Ueckert and Steven G. Whisenant. Intended to provide general suggestions for herbicide use to control brush and weeds on Texas range-lands. Produced by Agricultural Communications,The Texas A&M University System (document B1466)

  • Dirt Doctor's Organic Gardening Recipes, from Howard Garrett, - The Dirt Doctor.

  • An Experiment in Partnership: The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture. By Dana Jackson; Organic Farming Research Foundation, Winter 2001, Number 9, Information Bulletin

  • Managing Cover Crops Profitably, Second Edition. A publication of the Sustainable Agriculture Network with funding by the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program of CSREES, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Network National Agricultureal Library; Beltsville, MD 20705-2351, Handbook Series Book 3.

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